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Kaari Jacobs Kaari works for Sorenson Capital and Barb & Steve Young.  Kaari's undergraduate degree is from the University of San Francisco, where she studied Communications & Public Relations.

ChosenNet Community Liaisons

Sara Shenkan Sara is currently a graduate student at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. Previously, Sara was a Teach for America teacher in New York City. Sara also holds a Bachelor degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Raziel Ungar Raziel is currently a Senior at UCLA, where he has held internship positions for such companies as Sony Pictures Studios, CBS-TV KPIX, UCLA BruinKids, and Newmedia.com.

FaithLink Community Liaison

Summer Patmor Summer works for Kirkland & Ellis LLP.  Summer's undergraduate degree is from UCLA, where she studied English Literature.



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