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LDS LinkUp™ Connects Mormons via Community Networking Website

Thousands of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) church members already connected on LDS LinkUp

San Francisco, CA – March 29, 2004 – LDS LinkUp (www.ldslinkup.com), a subsidiary of Who New™ LLC, today announced the beta release of a website designed to connect the LDS community online. The site helps church members reconnect with old friends and mission companions and to meet people from other wards around the world through friends of friends. LDS LinkUp now counts thousands of people from over thirty countries around the world as members.

“LDS LinkUp’s purpose is to enhance the power of each member’s personal LDS network and to increase the connectivity of the whole LDS community,” says Jed Dempsey, founder of Who New LLC.

LDS LinkUp helps church members expand their personal networks and use the LDS network more easily and effectively for practical tasks. Amy McNeil, a San Francisco Bay Area native who is hooked on LDS LinkUp, explains. “It's a fun and convenient way to connect with long lost friends and make new contacts, both personally and professionally.”  Adds McNeil, “I've always wanted a way to play matchmaker with friends from my ward and friends I meet through work. LDS LinkUp makes introductions simple, and now they can do it themselves if they are interested.” McNeil smiles. “It's amazingly compelling!”

In an increasingly crowded marketplace of general-purpose social networking websites, Dempsey believes in the value that a special-purpose, “community networking” site can bring to a cohesive community that is naturally connected in the offline world. “Church members are very interested in meeting and helping other church members,” states Dempsey.  “We believe that LDS LinkUp will become an invaluable resource to the whole LDS community, enabling members to use the LDS network more effectively to locate old friends, make business contacts or find romance.” Dempsey knows well the value of a community network.  Jed met his wife Diana on a blind date, set up by one of her Harvard roommates, who had married one of Jed's best friends from Stanford.

About LDS LinkUp
LDS LinkUp™, owned and operated by Who New LLC, offers the Latter-Day Saints (LDS) community a large, dynamic online community network where members can search for, meet, and communicate with other church members through their friends and friends of friends. Currently in beta release, LDS LinkUp already has thousands of members from over thirty countries around the world.  www.ldslinkup.com

About Who New
Who New™ LLC is the leading operator of community networking websites that serve specific cultural communities. Who New is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.  www.whonewllc.com

For more information, visit www.ldslinkup.com, e-mail media@ldslinkup.com, or call Kaari Jacobs at (800) 431-0324.



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